Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Workshop is Up and Running - I'm Back in Business!

It's been a few months since my last post due to the house move. But I can now say that the move is complete, the 'Honey-Do' list is all done - at least all the niggly things for now - and the new workshop is organised and up and running. I can now get back to tweaking my Mendel.

The nice thing about the new house is that one of the garage bays had already been converted to a workshop with benches, pegboard and storage - which saved me some effort.

As you can see, still have to find a home for the drill press, at the moment it's living beneath one of the benches.

There's plenty of lighting and plenty of storage and work-surfaces.

Still need to find a home for my son's bikes, but at least they are fairly mobile!

Today's first Mendel task was to change the blue painters tape, re-level the bed and test the extruder still worked.

Since I last had a chance to play with my Mendel, Camiel at mendel-parts has switched to using Skeinforge as his G-Code generator. He's having some good success and has posted his settings in the downloads section on his website. I thought I'd use his values as my starting point going forward, since my Mendel is very similar to his build Mendel's.

I only had to time to run a quick test cube. The first layer went down well, although I'm still having problems with my Z-Axis zero setting getting lower with time - need to look at that when I get the chance, probably something better can be done with the flag. However, above layer five, it started to break-down. Not sure if the feed setting isn't high enough, or if the extruder is skipping or something else. 

I didn't get a chance to play more today and investigate. Now the workshop is up and running I'll be able to tinker around with it in the evenings and get things dialed in. Look for more updates shortly.

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