Thursday, April 21, 2011


One of the problems I have regularly with Skeinforge is that after tweaking some settings and getting everything just how I want it, I go and modify something for another print and forget to go and save the contents of the '.skeinforge' directory as a back-up. Then I can't remember what settings I had before.

I decided to write a simple program that makes it easy to quickly archive the settings once you have them dialed-in. Allowing you to keep them safe and then restore them at a later date.

The result is SkeinArchiver, it's very simple to use and I've already found it to be beneficial. I have several profiles archived and my first task during each printing session is to restore the most appropriate saved archive before I start making any tweaks. That way I always start from a known point and don't accidentally have an old setting lingering around from one of my experiments (multiply is a favorite or printing at the wrong layer height).


Save - Prompts the user to name the new archive. It suggests a name based around the days date. Then it saves the Skeinforge settings files in a Zip file in the local script directory.

Restore - Prompts the user to pick an archive to restore. This will overwrite the existing Skeinforge settings, so if you have something useful configured, save it first.

Dir to Arch - This allows the user to select the Skeinforge settings directory to archive. By default the program assumes the directory is under '~/.skeinforge', which is where Skeinforge prefers to put it. If you haven't moved it, you don't need to worry about this button.

About - Provides useful information about this version of the tool.

Quit - Pretty self explanatory.

If anyone else fancies using this tool, they can find it here: SkeinArchiver

Hopefully others will find it useful too.

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