Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bed Mapper Application and STL Files

I've finally got round to publishing the Bed Calibration Application that I discussed in this post.

The calibration application is now available, along with the STL for the bracket here.

This series of scripts requires the Python libraries: PySerial, Matplotlib and NumPy

Note: This script banks on the Mendel firmware supporting the M117 GCode. Without it, it won't work! Comms library for communicating with a Mendel. Main calibration routines. Bed plotting routines. A GUI to make calibration easier.

To use the GUI:

  • Use the Printer Menu tab to configure the various settings to match your printer.
  • Calibrate Button, will perform a series of measurements across the whole bed at the specified X & Y step size.
  • Quick Cal Button, will perform a quick test at four specified points across the bed.
  • Variance Button, will perform a repeated measurement at a specified point to see what the variance is for the microswitch.


  1. hey
    are you able to help me get prog runnning on my box, having a few problems but really interested in this. thnx

  2. Sure, what seems to be the problem?